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US Bank - Banking Covering All Stages of Life and Career

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

We toured the beautiful Downtown Cloquet US Bank Brach Office and met with Tony Vittorio, Assistant Vice President of Cloquet’s Downtown US Bank Office and Consumer Banking Manager, who has been with US Bank for 20 years. Caitlin Hurley, Assistant Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications, and Business Line Communications Manager with US Bank, accompanied him. They shared that local bankers are passionate about their skills in offering local support to customers. The Cloquet Branch employs seven staff who are embedded in community projects such as clean-ups on the Lakewalk.

"We are embedded in our local communities and contribute to countless charities,” said Vittorio.

The local Cloquet staff supports customers with personal interaction through the stages of life, such as setting up accounts for kids, a first car loan, a business loan, a house remodeling loan. They also help identify ways to save money to support your life goals, such as weddings or vacations. They also provide support, helping you through credit and debt hurdles to get stabilized.

“Our value proposition is our customer service. We put our hearts and minds to power.” Caitlin Hurley summarized.

US Bank has over one million customers in Minnesota. Across the US, they offer a strong presence and access to banking facilities. Their digital resources are strong, offering co-browsing with your local banker to view your accounts during video meetings and virtual appointments jointly. US Bank accounts also offer Zelle for online banking. They also promote financial IQ for all ages, empowering and educating people to be financially savvy, including young students.

Banking has evolved in the digital age, but customer service has remained strong as ever. US Bank covers the broad spectrum of financial needs, offering:

· Personal banking

· Wealth Management

· Business banking

· Corporate & Commercial banking

· Institutional banking

Visit the Downtown Cloquet Office to learn more about your opportunities, to learn more:

715 Cloquet Avenue

Cloquet, MN

M-F 9am – 5pm

Facebook: Click Here

Website: Click Here

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