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The Hidden Gems of Cloquet

Thank you for visiting our page.  I am very passionate about the economic prosperity of our town of Cloquet.  The city of 12,124 residents who are proud of its excellent school district and diverse business community, which employs many people and provides goods and services to local, regional, national and international markets. These businesses value Cloquet's proximity to one of the great commercial centers of the upper Midwest, its competitive business climate, and its access to transportation that connects them to markets and suppliers all over the world. Most of all, they value the people of Cloquet, people whose small town values include a strong work ethic, a belief in education, and a faith in the future of their community. We are committed to maintaining a positive business climate and fully cooperate with the business community to encourage quality economic development and greater employment opportunities in the City.

Holly Hansen
Community Development Director - City of Cloquet

Email me at:

Call me at: (218) 879-3347 

Shelly Peterson
Founder / CEO - Promoting ME, LLC. 

I am passionate about people and the stories around business in our community.  After spending nearly 27 years in the construction industry helping businesses  build buildings, I now help organizations bring the people back to the forefront of the business by developing strategic insight into how we manage the "people" part of the business. Recruiting people.  Retaining people. Celebrating people. Creating a brand for people.  After a short 2-year stint away from the community, I realize some of the hidden gems of Cloquet and I wanted to be a part of sharing those treasures with the community.  



Call me at: (218) 393-6670

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