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The Medicine Shoppe - Your Locally Owned Pharmacy and Medical Supply Store

The Medicine Shoppe has been serving the communities of Cloquet, Esko, Carlton, and the surrounding Northern Minnesota communities since 1976. Owner John Gust and his pharmacists have over 120 combined years of experience, and their friendly staff will treat you like family.

"Our pharmacy is dedicated to the wellbeing of your family and the wellbeing of the community. We strive to make it convenient for you and the people you care about to live a healthy life. " - John Gust, Owner.

At The Medicine Shoppe of Cloquet, they are dedicated to providing customers with customized services to meet their needs.

  • They guarantee prompt, safe prescription service.

  • Personal Records-They maintain personal medication profiles and offer year-end summaries for tax & insurance needs.

  • Emergency Services-Emergency number puts you in touch with pharmacy services after hours.

  • Delivery for patients who need to refill their medications but may not have the means to travel.

  • The Diabetes Specialized Care Center at The Medicine Shoppe® Pharmacy can help you discover new ways to monitor and manage your care so you can feel your best. Pharmacists and staff take diabetes-specific courses so they can give you up-to-date information and practical tips for everyday living. We also offer free informational sessions at the pharmacy that cover such important topics as blood glucose testing, medication myths, and healthy eating. They carry a complete line of diabetic shoes.

  • The pharmacists have been certified by the American Pharmacists Association to administer immunizations right here in the pharmacy. They offer CDC-recommended immunizations that may include influenza, shingles, pneumonia, and vaccines for international travel. They offer the COVID vaccine.

  • Throughout the year, patient education & screening programs are all designed to help you take a more active part in your health care.

The Medicine Shoppe has two locations:

1208 Cloquet Avenue and 419 Skyline Blvd

218.879.4547 Phone Email:

218.878.1804 Fax

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