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Cailin Deas Salon - Be Your Best You!

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Cailin Deas Salon has been operating in Cloquet since 2005 and is your full-service salon offering everything but nail services (body waxing, massage, hair, extensions, etc.). Cailin Deas Salon has three experienced stylists and a massage therapist (Massage by Shana). There are two additional chairs for rent, plus a room available for rent for facials, lashes, or nails.


Sheryl O’Leary returned to Cloquet in 2004 to raise her three children after time in Florida and Ireland. In 2011, she purchased 1005 Cloquet Avenue and relocated her salon into the building.

“Our atmosphere here is easygoing and relaxed; we have fun and joke around all day,” shared O’Leary. Sheryl said she and her staff listen carefully to their clients and do not ignore what they want. 


“I’ve been doing this for 34 years; I love it; I love making people feel good about themselves because how you look affects your security,” said owner Sheryl O’Leary.


Client Abe Youker posed with his stylist, Teri Thompson, during our facility tour. “Teri has been doing his hair his whole life!” shared his mother, Tara Weckseth.

Check out Cailin Deas Salon today!


Cailin Deas Salon

1005 Cloquet Avenue

Cloquet, MN 55720

Phone: 218-879-5044

Massage by Shana: 218-499-9355 or

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