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The Importance of Independent Local Healthcare – Loyalty through the Generations - CMH Raiter Family Clinic – Your Neighbors Caring For You!

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In 2019, Raiter Clinic merged with Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) to become one and renamed CMH Raiter Family Clinic.  The merger allows seamless referrals across the street to CMH specialty clinics (orthopedics, general surgery, women, spinal, oncology, pain, urology, and more).  The CMH system is independently owned and not part of a larger corporate brand or corporation. 

"We provide local care services and partner with other regional systems," said Nancy Taggert, CMH's Marketing Director. 

Nancy Taggert shared that their core trade service area is a 30-mile radius, but they draw from a larger trade area due to their reputation for personal care.  "Our wait times are low," said Taggert.

CMH Raiter Family Clinic has learned that they must do what they do well and safely to achieve excellence.  The clinic was built in 1991, and they offer all family medical services from birth to end-of-life care.  They have three nurse practitioners and two triage RNs to speak with about symptoms, and they also work with a myriad of "in-reach partners" for dermatology, cardiology, podiatry, and ophthalmology (post-operations).  The employment footprint of the Raiter Clinic is 60 total employees, with 40 staff present daily, servicing roughly 150-175 patient appointments per day.  Within Raiter Clinic is the locally owned and operated pharmacy, the Medicine Shoppe.  

CMH Raiter Family Clinic can often offer same-day appointment availability and provide urgent care seven days a week.  CMH Raiter Family Clinic was planning an evening sports physical event while we were there interviewing them.  They also have numerous specialty services, including population healthy nurses focused on the Medicare cross-over, managing annual visits and chronic care needs within a one-stop shop, and transfer care manager after hospital stays.  "Our nurses work hard to stay on top of care," shared Hedin. 

We met with Miranda Hedin, who has been with CMH Raiter Family Clinic for two years.  She began working in triage and has since transitioned into her current supervisory role.  "

We are the community – small and local, with very personal customer service, often known family history, and as our tagline reads – your neighbors caring for you," shared Miranda Hedin, the RN Clerk Supervisor.  "We take the time for patient-centered care, answer our phones, and offer a workplace centered on the culture of place."  

"It is so important for locals to be able to return to their home towns for professional job opportunities," shared Miranda Hedin.

Unfortunately, one national and statewide trend has been that clinics and hospitals in rural healthcare offering obstetrics care cannot provide their patients with birthing delivery at smaller hospitals.  Hedin explained, "Staffing ratios have continued to impact the ability to provide birthing services – even Mayo has pulled OB care from local clinics requiring that deliveries are centralized to maintain care services."  The bottom line is that rural healthcare collectively can not have physicians on call 24 hours, birthing nurses, or respiratory neo-natal specialists when birthing numbers are low.  As such, St. Luke Hospital is a primary partner of CMH for these birthing referrals. 

CMH Raiter Family Clinic has learned that they must do what they do well and safely to achieve excellence.  

CMH Raiter Family Clinic

417 Skyline Blvd.

Cloquet, MN 55720

Website: Click Here

LinkedIn: Click Here

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