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Savanna Pallets - Largest New Wood Pallet Manufacturer in the Region

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

How many people even knew we had one of the largest new Minnesota wood pallet manufacturers in the region and the largest producer of wooden pallet components? If that wasn't cool enough, of all the pallets, skids, and crates they manufacture, over 90% of the components are created onsite in their own sawmills. This allows them to control the raw material needs and adjust according to customer needs. Their superior service, quality, and over 40 years of experience set them apart from the competition.

Al Raushel, whose dad worked as an engineer at Wood Conversion (former USG Interiors/Conwed Plant), started Savanna Pallets in 1966 in McGregor. In the early 1980s and 1990s, Al and his two brothers, Doug and Andrew, and their dad, were all active in growing and running the family business. Today, Al and his two brothers are the current owners, who are getting ready to turn the business over to the next generation. This is where you will meet Al's daughter, Hailey, taking over the reins of the Cloquet Facility.

The Cloquet facility, located at 805 Tall Pine Lane, in Cloquet's first industrial park, is a satellite plant supported with raw materials from both McGregor & Remer, producing both custom packaging and standard pallets. McGregor is where their main facility is located on over 20 acres and has over 100,000 SF manufacturing space. This location has three separate sawmills and two separate assembly buildings. The Remer sawmill facility is strategically located geographically to support pallet production while extending the reach of timber procurement.

The wood pallets are made on the best machinery available to the industry. Their process allows the production of any quantity of pallets required. This machinery does more than manufacture stringer pallets. They also produce wooden block pallets, skids, and crating. With this advanced process, they can produce many other varieties of wooden pallets. Their heat treatment process allows pallets for international shipping, also. Some local companies you might recognize that use the pallets from this facility are: USG, Sappi, Charter NEX Films, Amsoil, Boise, Compass Minerals.

By controlling the supply chain of raw materials, and large onsite lumber storage in Cloquet, Savanna Pallets can meet orders with extremely low lead time. This ensures their customer's product gets to their customers faster.

Once pallets are prepared for shipping, they can deliver to the Minneapolis Metro Area in under 3 hours. For other locations in Minnesota, they complete delivery in under 24 hours.

The staff at Savanna Pallets is always available to answer any questions you may have. If you are looking for a great place to work. They have immediate positions available.

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