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TJ Gun and Pawn - An Alternative Form of Banking

TJ's Gun and Pawn, owned by Tom Anderson and managed by Galen, is located at 1007 Cloquet Avenue. This local pawn shop has a continually changing inventory of firearms, ammunition, jewelry, tools, videos, electronics, tools, and games. While visiting the store, we found many hidden gems of high-quality tools, hunting equipment, firearms, the largest display of DVDs in the area, a large selection of rings and other jewelry, and many delightful, unexpected finds.

If you are unfamiliar with a pawn shop, a pawn shop is a business that loans money to people who bring valuable items which they leave with the pawnbroker. The valuables that people leave are called the "collateral." The person can get their valuable item back from the pawnbroker if they pay back the money they were loaned and pay interest on the loan. Interest is like a fee for getting to use someone else's money for a set time period. For example, suppose the person who has borrowed money from the pawnbroker does not repay the loan and interest within an agreed-upon time limit. In that case, the pawnbroker can sell the valuable item to another customer to get back the money they loaned. This is also referred to as the lowest level of banking.

A few years ago, Tom participated in the Small Cities Grant Program and upgraded the exterior façade per the city design standards with real brick and new windows, a highlight, and testimony of the program.

Stop in and see Galen and check out the inventory today. Phone# 218.878.0787. Email:

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