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Tidy Details - We Sell a Lifestyle

Tidy Details isn’t so much a storefront to shop or visit; instead, it’s a customized session in your Twin Ports Area home with a team of experts trained to help you live your best lifestyle or to stage your home asset. Business owner Kaitlyn Beise described her business as Stage to Live - home décor and organization, Stage to Sell - home staging and Residential cleaning.

“About 70% of our business is Stay to Live / Stage to Sell, while 30% of our business is residential cleaning. We are one one-stop shop for realtors and help provide solutions to improve sales, offering a non-judgmental professional buffer between the seller and realtor, taking the time to educate involved parties,” said Beise.

If this wasn’t enough, the team also makes natural cleaning products, soaps, and lotions for sale, most often found at regional festivals.

We met with Hillary and Kaitlyn, and they shared that the home-selling season kicks off with the Super Bowl Party, runs through Labor Day, and is their busiest season. Then their business transitions into fall, and people return to the home for organization projects and home restyling. Hillary shared,

“We do walk and talk consults in homes, preparing them for sale and focusing on decluttering. We also do appliance and fridge cleanouts, with our end goal being more money for our clients related to sales. Investing in our services will show your home at its best. Hillary shared.

Kaitlyn and Hillary were social workers who found themselves depleted and heavy and wanted more joy. Kaitlyn started Tidy Details LLC as a business in 2019. She was inspired to do so, having grown up watching her entrepreneurial parents run a small business in the Grand Rapids area. Tidy Details provided Kaitlyn with a positive and creative outlet. Hillary is a mother of three and lives in Proctor, while Kaitlyn is a mother of two and lives in Cloquet. The business is at 1401 Cloquet Avenue, where it stores home décor and furnishings used for staging to base its services for its nine employees. Kaitlyn became accredited in staging, and realtors have begun selecting their business due to their staging skills and knowledge. Hillary said, “If you sell in the fall, it may sit longer than the spring season. That is all the more reason to invest in staging your home effectively for sale.”

Kaitlyn described, “We sell a lifestyle, and people want our product.” They are talented interior designers and often stage for professional photo shoots, assisting architects in capturing professional photos of their work after a completed kitchen remodel. “Homes that are vacant don’t sell well,” said Beise, “we leverage sales by furnishing them as a lifestyle.”

Contact the Tidy Team for a “Walk and Talk” today for your home reset, stage for sale, or transition by cleaning.

Tidy Details LLC


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