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Stock Tire & Repair - From Treads to Transmissions. We've Got You Covered.

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Scott Nelson launched Stock Tire & Repair in August 2023. Nelson purchased the former Stock Tire from Steve Stavang, who had owned the business for 38 years. Stavang had also been a part owner with his father; before that, his dad and uncle had owned it. Originally, Stock Tire was opened by former Cloquet Mayor Walter Stock in the 1960s.

Scott Nelson had worked at Stock Tire for the past four years and formerly owned automotive businesses. He retained the seven employees of Stock Tire but wanted to rename the company by adding “Repair” to market the array of other services they provide.

Nelson started sweeping the floor at his grandpa’s automotive shop in the 1970’s. “My grandpa taught me about vehicles,” said Nelson. Then, in the mid-1970s, Nelson worked for his uncle at a gas station, working on radiators, and ran that shop for 13 years. By 1980, Nelson had shifted to automotive bodywork. Nelson moved to southern Minnesota to work with his other uncle in Wilmington; from there, we worked in the Cities, at dealerships, and in apprenticeship programs. “I like figuring things out and helping people,” said Nelson. Nelson shared, “Stock Tire & Repair is a place to fix it right the first time.” Nelson is a father of six children.

As the business name describes, they stock an array of tires. They stock Goodyear, Kelly, Cooper, Firestone, Continental, Generals, and Bridgestone. Uniquely, they stock a semi-tire inventory close to Sappi, USG, and Upper Lakes Foods and have the equipment for big tires and forklifts. They also have RV and skid steer tires. They also stock batteries.

While they don’t do exhaust work, the rest of their repair services are extensive, from transmissions to front and rear differentials, transfer cases, timing chains, and belts, or specialty muscle car work; their service list can be reviewed here:

Contact Scott Nelson and his team today for your tire and repair service needs.

1309 Avenue B

Cloquet, MN 55720

Website: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here

Instagram: Click Here

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