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Shooting Stars Dance – Dance Will Challenge and Inspire You!

Shooting Stars Dance (SSD), located at 1402 Cloquet Avenue, is dance instruction that fits your needs and location and offers everyone a class. SSD is owned and operated by Suzy and Luc Goodin. Suzy is the studio director. She danced with Becky’s Studio for 23-years before taking over the studio, changing the name and changing locations. She is the competition guru and a certified aerobatic arts instructor. Luc is responsible for all the beautiful woodwork throughout the facility and always comes up with props, even with the most challenging requests. They have three daughters. They work very hard to make Shooting Stars Dance a family for all that dance there.

Dance is my passion. I have always known I wanted to own my own studio and I wanted to teach. I can teach anyone in just 45-minutes a week. I want to make an impact on lives. We not only teach dance, we teach how to be good people. Just because we live in a small town doesn't mean we have to have small goals. We help build confidence, self esteem and leadership. I love what I do! - Suzy

The original building has two studio spaces and an office located at 1402 Cloquet Avenue. They added additional space by purchasing and renovating the building located at 1404 Cloquet Avenue "the Annex". The building was in very poor condition when purchased but they have totally refurbished it to meet the growing needs of the program. It will serve as another large studio space.

Currently, they have nine instructors and five desk staff. They have around 250 students from Esko, Moose Lake, Bemidji, Ashland, Albrook, Alborn, Cloquet, Carlton, and McGregor. They offer tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, musical theater, acrodance, and more.

From pre-school to high school, they have a class for you. They offer classes for beginners to progressive programs for the serious dancer. Shooting Stars Dance has a program that will challenge and inspire just about anyone, even adults and those with special needs. Shooting Stars Dance is more than just dance education. They are a dance family. They offer a dance education program that strives to provide affordable, convenient dance instruction to students of all ages. They value family and friendship and work to create a supportive environment that extends beyond just dance lessons. They offer both recreational and competitive classes for all ages in a variety of dance styles. Dancers can take as little as one class a week or dance many hours a week. Many of their classes participate in an annual recital, and everyone is invited to perform in events throughout the season.

Are you interested in competing? They have competitive options for dancers of different skill levels and split all competition fees up monthly, so you are never surprised with a huge lump sum payment due. In addition, they encourage team-building and personal growth.

Acrobatics has become a large part of the dance world. As a result, SSD is certified to teach the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. This syllabus is designed to ensure that students are developing in all areas of acrodance, including strength, flexibility, balance, limbering, and tumbling. By developing all these areas thoroughly before advancing to the next level, they ensure that students have the best acrodance education possible while minimizing the chance of injury. Acrodance is for anyone who enjoys dance or gymnastics and wants to utilize their skills without additional equipment needed.

To have a facility and investment in our community such as this is truly amazing. Stop in and see Suzy and the team and learn how you can become a part of the dance family.

Shooting Star Dance (218) 879-6717

1402 Cloquet Avenue

Cloquet, MN 55720

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