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Members Cooperative Credit Union - All Your Financial Needs Covered Under One Roof

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Members Cooperative Credit Union (MCCU) was formed in 1936 from a group of eight people in the Cloquet area, seven men and one woman, who envisioned a better way of getting the financial services that their community needed. They became the charter members of Cloquet Co-op Credit Union, and each person deposited $5 and formed the organization with just $40 in capital.

Today with over 53,000 members and 250 staff, MCCU is the largest credit union north of the Twin Cities. They continue to grow with twelve locations, adding branches and expanding into Duluth, McGregor, Aitkin, Brainerd Lakes Area, and Baxter.

In 2015, they merged with Lake State Credit Union adding Moose Lake Sandstone, North Branch, and Isanti locations. In 2017, they merged with Lakes Area Federal Credit Union, adding Grand Rapids. Growth has been proactive and necessary as credit unions compete with banks. MCCU is always looking to expand to serve and seek opportunities to build value in non-saturated lending markets.

“MCCU has a person-centered mission; our base and culture are very nimble over banks. We are deliberate about growth and look for opportunities that align with our philosophy and people that fit our leadership,” said Marketing Director Lara Wilkinson.

We took in the beautiful building of the newly constructed Cloquet MCCU Office at 1299 Hwy 33 South, which felt like we were delicately placed in nature.

“We designed this building to reflect the Frank Lloyd Wright heritage and architecture of this site,” said Wilkinson.

The Cloquet Office site is located on the site of the former Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homestead called Mantyla, a place among the pines in Finnish. Wright designed this former homesite and gas station in Cloquet for the Lindholm family.

MCCU has boldly contributed to countless charities, causes, and special events. MCCU has a community-centered philosophy. As a not-for-profit credit union, MCCU is not in business to make money for a handful of shareholders; they are in business to serve members with a myriad of full-suite personal and commercial products and hometown service.

There is much pride in MCCU ownership and openness as a result. “We operate on profit and loss, not commissions,” said Wilkinson.

MCCU offers excellent products and technology, along with several benefit membership perks. They have worked hard to keep pace with changing technology offering video banking but are still human in customer service.

Members Cooperative Credit Union

1299 MN-33 S

Cloquet, MN 55720

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