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Jill's Pet Parlor - Learn a Trade and Earn From Your Passion

Over thirty years ago, Jill Vork turned her hobby and love for dogs into a very successful flexible business. Having her own business allowed her to be a mom of a special needs child and balance family and career. Jill enjoys being her own boss and finds grooming to be very therapeutic.

She is a very hands-on solopreneur who has her pet parlor on the backside of her home in Cloquet, which is convenient for her customers who come from all around the area. Jill is well versed in dog behaviors and the safety of your pet. Pet grooming can be stressful for your pet. She understands the importance of proper handling, signs of stress and does not stack pets who wait all day for their cuts. No two pets are the same. Bathing and drying, brushing, trims for different breeds, canine head types, ear styles, foot types, and tail types lead to different grooming techniques and style options.

Jill is an admitted perfectionist and values customer relationships; therefore, her plate is full, and she is not accepting new clients. We are writing about Jill's Pet Parlor to inspire others to explore dog grooming as a business opportunity.

If you love animals, why not pursue a career that allows you to work with them every day. Being a groomer may be the right thing for you. The training is minimal and this career tends to be very professionally and financially rewarding. There are several aspects that you can consider prior to enrolling in a program, things such as learning style and type of training. If you are interested in learning more about Jill's journey and discover if this would be a promising career and business opportunity for you, reach out to her to learn more.

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Jill Vork - Dog Groomer, Solopreneur


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