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Holy Smokes - Good Meat Doesn't Need Sauce

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

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Lee and Julie Harris recently purchased 1101 Avenue B in Cloquet and are constructing a commercial kitchen space in the former Viking Lumber building. After working as medical professionals for decades, they pulled the plug, switched gears to face their calling, and launched the dream of a meat-smoking catering and food truck business.

After they purchased a food truck, they realized how critical having storage for it is and examined pole-building options on their property. Eventually, they decided to sell their Esko home and purchased a building in downtown Cloquet, creating their own home on the second level and building the commercial kitchen on the main floor. With the time smoking takes, you must be around to monitor the meat. Therefore making their home onsite with the business became the logical goal.

As Lee Harris informed us, “Good Meat Doesn’t Need Sauce.” They specialize in smoking pork and beef and do not choose to work with chicken as it tends to become too dry during the smoking process. They make their own seasonings and are known for their authentic quality. Their niche comes from their process, 100% wood-fired smoked meat. They don’t add smoked flavoring (liquids often added to fires). Their work is artistic and all in their hands. Their meat is priced by the pound, not per person, and they can inform you of how many people are fed by volume.

Down the road, they may have commercial kitchen space available for rent, perhaps even a restaurant opportunity in the future as well. For now, they are focused on their food truck business, which can often be found open onsite at their Cloquet business, and book catering events. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed!

Holy Smokes

1101 Avenue B

Cloquet MN 55720

(218) 340-5008

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