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Heather's Cafe - Where Breakfast is Served All Day, and Customers are Friends

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Looking for that small town American café experience in downtown Mayberry? We’ve got you covered, welcome to Heather’s Cafe, owned by Heather Gist, located at 1304 Cloquet Avenue. Heather’s Cafe is open weekdays offering destination breakfast and lunch specials for dine-in or takeout (no delivery), generally closing by 2 p.m. most days except Thursdays when they close at 5 p.m.

Heather grew up in the Twin Cities area and spent time in Sauk Center near her parents’ cabin. It was there that she began working at Hardees, because she hated fishing at the cabin. She has moved around the country and has worked at several restaurants including Pizza Hut, Perkins, and Spirits. Her Grandma had owned bars and restaurants, so the passion for working at a restaurant was in her bloodline. She loves to serve, cook, and bake. Heather’s Cafe is most known for their homemade hashbrowns, corn beef hash, burgers and fresh made pies. They also leverage baking talent in the region featuring various baked goods.

“We are most well known for our breakfasts, our pancakes are made from scratch,” said Heather Gist, Owner of Heather’s Cafe.

Heather’s Cafe

1304 Cloquet Avenue

Cloquet, MN 55720


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