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CornerStone State Bank - Small Town Service Is Our Competitive Advantage

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

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CornerStone State Bank located at 1516 Cloquet Avenue is your local hometown personal and commercial neighborhood bank. Anna Carlson is President of CornerStone State Bank in Cloquet, home to five employees, three of whom have been at the bank for over twenty years. The bank provides personal and commercial banking services and was chartered in 1974 as one office in Le Sueur, Minnesota. Still, now CornerStone State Bank has grown into seven communities: Le Sueur, Cloquet (1997), Belle Plaine, Montgomery, Green Isle, and most recently, Madison Lake and Eagle Lake, Minnesota. As an independent, locally owned bank, all staff at CornerStone State Bank is committed to hometown service and the growth of our customers and communities.

"Personal finances can be stressful, especially in a small town. We offer professional, caring services to support private and personal matters. We review loan requests in-house within the company and review and discuss these loans as a committee working hard for our customers to meet their needs. "In banking, there are extensive rules and regulations, and we work hard within those regulations striving to do everything possible to make banking work for our customers," said Carlson.

Anna grew up in Carlton, MN, and loves the small-town atmosphere of Cloquet. "I love what I do, I love math, and I have always been interested in finance," said Carlson. She worked her way up from Bank Teller to President and has worked in all banking areas.

Technology has changed the banking industry. There is less customer contact. Much of the banking is done by mobile and online banking. Here in Cloquet, in small-town America, we have retained our customer base and use phone banking. We see most mortgage applications done now online. Unfortunately, that means getting to know our customers less when those applications come in online, but in Cloquet, people often come in and meet with us – small-town service is our competitive advantage!

"If you want to know what our competitive advantage in the industry is, it's working well in small-town America and serving our customers well, our phone is always answered by a person and is run as a small-town business where we know our customers by name and offer strong customer service," said Carlson.

CornerStone offers a myriad of personal and business banking resources. If you're looking for solid small-town relationship banking support, consider meeting with them to learn more about their offerings.

CornerStone State Bank

1516 Cloquet Avenue Cloquet, MN 55720 Phone: 218-879-6781

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