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Cloquet Public Library - We Are Not Your Grandparent's Library

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

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The Cloquet Public Library, located at 320- 14th Street, is Not Your Grandparents Library. This is one of the most significant barriers to the Library. The image where you are expected to be quiet and will be actively shushed. If your barrier is being afraid to ask how to use something, then just come in the door, look around for an item of interest, and ask away. That is why the library team is here - to serve you.

In the age of closing or consolidating libraries, the Cloquet Library is expanding and thriving. They are integrated with youth in the community, holding summer school courses, credit recovery classes for adults, and classes of interest such as how to do a podcast class, host and support parents coordinating homeschooling courses twice a month, and Lego robotics meetings once a week.

The facility has three study rooms for uses such as Zoom meetings or to work on other things such as research. They offer quiet relaxing spaces.

At the leadership helm of the Cloquet Library, which is fully staffed, are Director Courtney Dietsche, Adult Librarian Keiko Satomi, Youth Services Librarian Justin Dinger, and Children’s Librarian Morgan Reardon. The Library staff is dedicated, including four library aides and six other positions supporting the facility. They leverage community partnerships, exemplified by the recent Rain Garden and Pollinator Garden installation working closely with the Carlton County Soil and Water Conservation District. As they form relationships, they offer unique classes. They also leverage Minnesota’s Legacy Programs and rotate performers through libraries in the state that folks would otherwise have to pay for. It’s simply incredible.

After the recent expansion of the Cloquet Library, the facility is busier than ever with different things like supporting community meetings and personal events with four spaces (which can be reserved by calling the Library).

Check out their website to learn more.

To make a donation to keep our library thriving, you can do so at:

Cloquet Public Library

320 14th Street

Cloquet MN 55720

(218) 879-1451

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