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Burger Shoes and Repair Shop Since 1958

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes. What a great visit to Burger Shoes. Maria and Carmen were so much fun. You can tell why this business has been around for over 60 years. The business is built on customer service, which has created many loyal customers and friendships.

“Honesty, Quality Shoes and Excellent Customer Service. It's not just about the shoes for's about connecting with the people in our community.”

Over a half century ago, a young man, Ludwig Burger, came to America and had the privilege of opening his own shoe business after a short time. He began with shoe repair, a craft he learned as a young teen in Zalog, Slovenia. Mr. Burger soon gained the trust of his patrons through honesty and hard work. He developed many loyal customers and friendships throughout the years, making his business a staple in this community. Maria, Ludwig's only child, grew up in the shoe store watching her father resole boots and make favorite footwear look new again. By the age of 13, she was working the sales floor. Her decision to carry on with the family business was an easy one, keeping her father's simple vision that he taught her so many years ago: Honesty, Quality Shoes, and Excellent Customer Service.

They strive to be a five-star shoe store. You will find an array of top-quality brands & products that will keep your feet feeling comfortable. They measure everyone's feet to ensure a proper fit.

Top Quality Brands

They also carry socks for running, hiking, cycling, travel, hunting, skiing, snowboarding.

Huge Men's Selection

Most men do not realize the large selection of brands for work boots, dress shoes and sandals. Burgers partners with Sappi and USG with the "Voucher Program" to allow workers to be custom fitted in store and pay with the company voucher program.

Smart Wool can be used for all weather conditions, designed for comfort.

Dahlgren Socks not only absorb sweat but continually moves it so it can be evaporated. Helping your feet against temperature swings, discomfort and even blisters.

Foot Health

Burgers carries a variety of shoes that are stylish and comfortable - fashion can be for both work and play.

Planter Fasciitis - sharp pain in your heal.

Under Foot Support - to take care of the pain before it starts.

Full Service Repair Shop

The full-service repair shop is located in the back of the store. Common repairs include:

  • Heel Replacement

  • Sole Replacement

  • Re-glue Heels & Soles

  • Elastic Repair

  • Fix Zipper

  • Replace Zipper

  • Orthopedic Build-Ups

  • Birkenstock Soles

  • Hockey Equipment Repair

  • Tack Repair

  • Shine

  • And Many Others

Burger's Shoes Facebook 1609 Carlton Avenue Website Cloquet, MN 55720

CONTACT (218) 879-3015

HOURS Mon-Friday 9:30 to 5:00 Sat 9:30 to 3

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