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WebMed Mental Health Services- Improving Life Satisfaction

WebMed Mental Health Services, located at 1001 Avenue B, is an outpatient mental health facility started by Timothy Weber that treats anxiety, depression, and chemical dependency. As a nurse practitioner working in emergency care, he saw the need for crisis and emergency mental health services.

When people need help, they need help today, not three months from now. People need access to care. I wanted to find a way to cut down the wait list. - Timothy Weber

Availability of care and the extreme need, led Tim to get his psychiatry certificate and open his practice. With two locations, Cloquet & Duluth, he has three nurse practitioners, three therapists, and three interns whose mission is to provide effective, affordable, and accessible mental health and substance abuse care. They serve by assisting with improving life satisfaction, reducing relapse potential, providing preventative assistance, and implementing the appropriate interventions. Crisis appointments are available to address the needs of patients experiencing high distress. In addition, individual and couples, and group therapy sessions are available. However, you don't have to be in crisis to visit WebMed; they offer talk therapy, addiction services with the utilization of medication and therapy combined to combat substance abuse, medication management to provide goal-focused and patient-centered management and give the tools and knowledge to make the best medical decisions to improve your life.

WedMed provides TMS Therapy for depression. This involves a series of repetitive, brief, and highly focused magnetic pulses, designated to stimulate brain cells. TMS is typically prescribed to adult patients when antidepressants have failed or intolerable side effects. TMS Therapy is a non-invasive outpatient procedure with few known side effects. It is safe and effective, with no anesthesia, outpatient treatment, covered by insurance, including Medicare.

In-person and telemedicine services are available—coverage by most insurance companies.

Mental health can be a complex subject to define. However, when you think of mental health, think about your physical health, and it becomes much easier to understand. Schedule your mental health check-up today by calling or scheduling online.

WedMed Mental Health Service

1001 Avenue B or 25 E Superior Street

Cloquet, MN 55720 Duluth, MN 55802

(218) 310-8896 Phone

(218) 206-6276 Fax

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