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Venture North Aviation - Leading You Toward Success on Your Aviation Adventure!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Many don't know we have an airport in Cloquet, nor do they know we have a company that offers aircraft rental, maintenance, charter, consulting, professional pilot service, fuel service, and accelerated and personalized pilot training. Let us introduce you to Venture North Aviation, LLC. Bill Stone, president, and general manager has been a part of the Cloquet airport for 11 years and shows growth yearly. They are a significant contributor to the local economy.

Venture North Aviation, LLC offers a complete selection of accelerated flight training courses, including the accelerated instrument rating course. Specific Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight training courses for the instrument rating include the 10-day accelerated instrument rating course and the 5-day IFR finish-up course. Commercial pilot training courses include the 5-day accelerated commercial pilot training course. Certified flight instructor (CFI) courses include the initial 5-day CFI flight Instructor training course, a 5-day instrument flight instructor (CFII) course, or the two-week, ten-day CFI and CFII training course.

Accelerated flight training courses have been in high demand, and customer wait time can average many months for pilots from across the United States, even Alaska, and Hawaii. Venture North offers five-day commercial pilot certification, instrument ratings courses, flight instruction, seaplane ratings certificates, instructor certification, and more.

Those trainees don't just spend money at Venture North. Customers average 150 nights a month in hotels here in the Cloquet-Carlton area. The average stay per customer is 7 to 10 days. That number will likely double when VNA adds a new headcount to support its training programs.

Venture North Aviation offers warm hanger space for customer airplanes, aircraft tie-downs, conference room, pilot briefing rooms, comfortable lounge with recliners, TV, private showers, and a courtesy vehicle for transportation.

In addition to providing training to his customers, Bill Stone shared about the workforce development and professional career paths of the pilots that work for the company. These pilots come from all over the United States to work in Cloquet for Venture North Aviation. Some of these pilots come to Venture North Aviation to advance their careers and choose to become professional pilots for airlines or corporate flight departments around the country after spending a certain amount of time learning and being coached.

With the company's year-over-year growth, the airport's current space doesn't meet storage or maintenance demands at Venture North. A new hanger and office space facility is being built, which will be leased by Venture North Aviation. This facility will allow for the addition of new full-time maintenance technicians to support this expanding service center and expanding fleet. The new hangar will also enable customers to store planes - including larger planes - especially in the winter.

Whether you are a prospective airplane owner, new pilot, veteran pilot, or non-pilot, learn more about Venture North Aviation. A personal level of attention complements their quality of service. Their detailed flight training programs offer customers peace of mind and cover all aspects of aircraft piloting and ownership. Let Venture North Aviation lead you toward success in your next aviation venture.

Venture North Aviation

125 Wheaton Road

Cloquet MN 55720

(218) 879-6599

Website: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here


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