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Morning Star Woodworks - Where Perfect is Close Enough

Updated: May 20, 2021

High-quality craftsmanship, flexibility in styles and designs, and experience to work with any budget, Morning Star is a "one-stop" supplier for their clients' interior woodworking needs. They specialize in providing distinctive design options, including a wide variety of wood species in stock, classic ornate woodworking, rustic Northwoods accents, and unique design services for cabinetry and custom woodwork for any room. They also sell interior and exterior doors, stairways, and moldings.

Morning Star Woodworks, Inc. is owned by Dan Hammond and his wife, Denise. Their daughter Leah plays an active role in the business as the Finisher/Project Coordinator, and Rachel, their other daughter, works part-time.

They have a fantastic showroom with four different displays of cabinetry. There are so many options to choose from. There is a door display to show the various looks and unique finishes, along with a hardware display. Morning Star is one of the top Cambria Cortez countertop sellers in the northern region. In addition, they sell granite and laminate with many colors to choose from. (The videos below will give you a tour of the showroom and learn more about the doors, hardware, and countertops)

Morning Star was one of the first companies to offer a computer-aided design service that provides customers the opportunity to step inside their project even before the work began. This feature has now become the industry standard.

The importance of branding. Dan created a branding stamp when he started the business and stamped each cabinet that left the production line. That has been proven to be a wise choice. Commonly when a realtor lists a house with Morning Star Cabinets, you will see "Morning Star Cabinets" written in the sales listing. Quality and durability have been a great brand.

Cutting-edge technology and streamlined functionality are what you see when you tour their nearly 13,000 SF facility in the Cloquet Industrial Park located at 801 Tall Pine Lane.



Our Shop Motto: "Perfect is Close Enough"

Stop in and see Dan and his team and take a tour of his great facility. His passion, energy and love for what he does is evident.

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