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Frandsen Bank & Trust - Real People. Real Results.

Updated: May 18, 2023

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Frandsen Bank & Trust - Cloquet is located at 712 Highway 33 South in their fully remodeled facility to support growing staff. We sat down with President Mark Lanigan and Senior Vice President Joanne Treviranus to hear about what gives them energy each day and then toured the building and greeted staff.

The Cloquet Bank was purchased by Frandsen in 2009 and has doubled in size in the last three years with nineteen employees. Much of the regional growth of Frandsen Bank & Trust facilities stems from the support of the Cloquet office as the main hub. Cloquet Frandsen Bank & Trust staff are heavily involved in community groups and activities and are supported to do so.

“At Frandsen Bank & Trust, it’s all about getting behind your people and running on strengths, relationships are key, and our banking is not transactional,” said Mark Lanigan, President of Cloquet Frandsen Bank & Trust. “I love what I do, I like the variety of my job, and every day is different,” said Senior Vice President Joanne Treviranus.

Lanigan shared that advisory banking is his passion for taking businesses to the next level and building wealth for business owners.

Frandsen Bank & Trust offers community banking focused on personal banking, business banking, mortgage services, investment services, and wealth management planning. Frandsen Bank & Trust was launched in 1981 by Dennis Frandsen with the purchase of a bank in Luck, WI, and was founded in 1982, growing into what is today Frandsen Financial Corporation (FFC), a bank holding company with over 37 locations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. FFC is based in Arden Hills, Minnesota.

Dennis Frandsen’s philosophy is to let talented business people run his companies with the same entrepreneurial spirit that he has. His business entities have a reputation for honesty, fairness, and accountability. He allows senior management to run the businesses and has been recognized as one of Minnesota’s leading entrepreneurs. By employee opinion, Frandsen Bank & Trust has earned the Star Tribune Top Workplace for five consecutive years.

Dennis Frandsen is also philanthropic, enhancing both technical school opportunities and high school academics. First, he funds two-year scholarships to technical college for every graduate of the high schools in Braham, Pine City, and Rush City, Minnesota, and Frederic and Luck, Wisconsin. Secondly, he funds a program called Frandsen Forward, a program that will award each of the six Minnesota high schools a $2,500 grant to enhance academic or extracurricular and community programs. Two schools will have their grant upgraded to $5,000. High school students, teachers, and staff members across Minnesota will be encouraged to apply for the grants by telling a compelling story for a specific project to enhance and increase their high school and community. Click here to learn more.

There is a need for talented young bankers in this area and jobs available, inquire at Frandsen Bank & Trust for more details!


712 MN-33

Cloquet, MN 55720

Website: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here

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