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Family Pathways - Helping You Find Your Voice Again

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The Minnesota headquarters for Family Pathways is in North Branch and was founded in 1978. Across Minnesota locations include Cambridge, Pine City, Carlton County, Chisago County, and Kanabec County.


We sat down with Robin, a Community Advocate in the Cloquet office, to learn more about the "Community Services" provided by Family Pathways. Robin shared that she grew into her career in counseling working at the Haven and then transitioning to Family Pathways. She has found a calling in the work to help people through criminal and civil justice issues.

"My job is to advocate for others until they can find their voice again," shared Robin.

Family Pathways has found that sex trafficking, drug addiction, high poverty rates, and generational trauma are more prevalent in rural areas.

"This work makes me aware of what I have to be grateful for, and for what others have been through," said Robin.

 Family Pathways maintains a solid client base through customer referrals, office calls, and strong relationships with county prosecuting attorneys and local law enforcement. With a small but tenacious staff in the Cloquet office, they have found that they can usually use additional advocate staffing. Their services are available for men, women, and across the gender spectrum with much of the Cloquet office's work focused on core services related to domestic violence, sexual assault advocacy, and parenting time services.

Overall there are five community services offered in Cloquet at Family Pathways:

1) Personal and Legal Advocacy

Case management and follow-up.

Assistance with resources for independence. 

Assistance with filling out or eliminating protective orders.

Support through the court process.

2) Sexual Assault Advocacy

Respond to emergency room and law enforcement calls.

Support through medical and criminal processes.

3) Criminal Justice Advocacy

Offer victim support after law enforcement intervention.

Assistance with police reports.

Support through the criminal court process.

Attend criminal court hearings for support.

Assistance in pursuing civil, criminal, and family court remedies.

4) Support Groups

Helping victims of domestic and sexual violence to become empowered by gaining strength, understanding, and healing.

5) Education

 Community awareness about domestic/sexual violence.

 Advocate for social change.



1003 Cloquet Avenue

Cloquet, MN 55720

(218) 384-4134

Website: Click Here


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