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Cloquet’s Best Kept Secret the Moose Lodge 1274—Build Community and Find Your Family!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Located in downtown Cloquet at 702 Cloquet Avenue is the Cloquet Moose Lodge 1274. They have been located here since the 1970’s, prior to that they were located in the West End. The building which can host an occupancy of 136 people is actually the historic fire department and the floors slightly slant towards the street – as illustrated by the pool table inside.

Membership of Moose Lodge 1274 is vibrant and growing with over 400 men and women. Membership is by invitation. Most new members are empty nesters looking to give back to their community and to build community. These folks often volunteer in the kitchen and work on Lodge events such as their golf tournament at Big Lake Golf Course and Cloquet Mini Golf event.

In Cloquet we saw firsthand that Moose Lodge 1274 members are people who like to help one another and have a good time. Ever miss small-town American and wonder where it’s gone to? GET HERE. They are hosting Friday night bingo, Wednesday card night, a Tuesday night member cash drawing, a Monday night meat raffle, and participate in citywide pool and dart leagues. They are rooted in community service with international purpose. The Cloquet Moose Lodge has food and a bar that helps generate funding to maintain the building and taxes. The only two paid positions are the bar tender and gaming staff. Last year alone, gaming proceeds raised at the Cloquet Moose Lodge 1274 brought in $59,000 in donations for local community organizations – such as area robotics teams, and support for schools projects. Members can rent the building for showers, funeral luncheons, and other space needs. Its currently $40/year to become a member plus the initial $20 application fee.

“We care for each other like a family,” said Cloquet Moose Lodge 1274 Administrator Patti Haus member since the age of 21 whose father has Pilgrim Moose Lodge status, meaning he’s been a member for over 50 years. “I’m on an International Moose Lodge Board, I know people in every state,” said Haus.

Have you ever wondered what is the Moose Lodge all about? In short, they are a fraternal organization that serves children and seniors in need. The Moose is an international organization with membership in Canada and England. If you are a Moose Lodge member, you can visit any Moose Lodge across the country or internationally. Funding they raise supports many activities but we want to note Mooseheart located west of Chicago, a facility for children without parents with a private school and activity center on a 1,000 acre campus referred to as a Child City and home for children and teens in need from infancy through high school. There is also Moosehaven for seniors located in Orange Park, Florida a retirement community for Moose members with over 15 years of membership.

Loyal Order of Moose – Cloquet Moose Lodge 1274

702 Cloquet Avenue

Cloquet, MN 55720

Facebook: Click Here

Website: Click Here

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