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Birch and Pine Counseling - Breathing New Life & Creating New Roots

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Birch and Pine Counseling opened in August 2022 at 1618 Cloquet Avenue is passionately providing community health services. Essentially a group of original Cloquet natives educated in the region passionately banded together to counsel, teach, and mentor by launching a clinic believing that quality mental health care should be available in Cloquet directly. They have an entire staff, including Ashley Rhoads, Bailey Homstad, Sharlene Santmyer, Patty Grigsby, Alan Haney, Rachel Willgohs, Nicole Collins, Nicole Loukes, Katie Walkowiak, and more.

They stand on the mission that their clinic provides community health, which is much more than a private counseling practice. Their offices are approachable and down to earth, and the setting is comfortable and feels like home. They strive to place their client’s needs first and work to meet those individual needs by working as a team. Their staff also goes offsite; they work in various school districts, such as Esko, Wrenshall, and Northern Lights Academy. As such, their approach to mental health strives to also build outside support networks from teachers, coaches, pastors, and more.

There is anxiety in daily life at all ages, and it is hard to ask for help. That’s why Birch and Pine staff are here to help through the challenges of depression, grief, parent burn-out, trauma, early childhood challenges, anger management, drug and alcohol addictions, and more. Their staff works to help families, individuals, and couples through the challenges they face.

Birch and Pine Counseling, PLLP

1618 Cloquet Ave

Cloquet, MN 55720

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