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SKB Environmental of Cloquet - A Culture of Trust

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SKB Shamrock Environmental in Cloquet began accepting construction demolition and industrial waste streams in 2012.

They have been operating in the Cloquet Area for over a decade and have 17 employees. Waste Connections purchased SKB in 2015, a company with over 30,000 employees. If you’ve recently reroofed your garage, remodeled your kitchen, resided in your house, or demolished your old garage, chances are that your contractor has hauled this debris to the SKB Shamrock Environmental Landfill in Cloquet.

The facility accepts construction demolition and industrial waste as its service niche and provides a culture of trust and environmental care for these waste streams. The facility provides a regional need for industrial demolition waste from projects such as the Duluth office of MnDOT’s Can of Worms project, which is deconstructing a 1960s highway era of roadways, or the Munger Landing project, or dredge material (referred to as “impacted soils”) from Erie Pier in Duluth. SKB Shamrock is a designated federal CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act) facility, a difficult certification to obtain.

They are engaged in the community and region, donating to numerous organizations. They have developed and grown business relationships, providing services and reducing waste haul costs. They also offer local industry and business services, working closely with Cloquet facilities such as Sappi and USG.

“In general, most people lack awareness of where their waste goes after it hits the curb. Our Industrial Landfill serves a purpose and stores waste in the correct environmentally approved manner,” said Site Manager Kyle Backstrom.

SKB Environmental of Cloquet is located on the west side of MN State Hwy 45, approximately ½ mile south of the I-35/Hwy 45 junction (Exit 239).

SKB Environmental of Cloquet

761 MN Highway 45

Cloquet, MN 55720

Phone: (218) 878-0112

Website: Click Here

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