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Mainstream Boutique - Love, Strengthen and Celebrate Women Through Fashion

Mainstream Boutique, located at 1306 Cloquet Avenue, is your locally owned women's clothing boutique that sells some of the most fashionable and unique clothing and accessories. Ryanna Clark owns this trendy main street boutique, previously owned by her mom, Kris Anvid. Her mission is to help women celebrate themselves through fashion and make them feel beautiful.

Mainstream is a destination store for people who travel here from all over the state. During the holiday season, it becomes a place where those who have left the community come to reconnect and find just that right gift for that special someone on their list.

I love what I do. I am all about the customer experience. It's about connecting and making someone feel good. - Ry

When the store opened ten years ago, it was the 19th store in the Mainstream franchise. Now there are over 90 different stores in the United States. That franchise allows Ry to bring unique approved products to the store that you will not find anywhere else. Items such as Mac and Me denim, tops, jackets, and jewelry, their exclusive brand.

During COVID, Ry had to learn to do things differently and connect with her customers; therefore, she started doing Facebook Live sales events once a week. This not only became a way to see the latest fashions but a great way to stay connected with her customers. During this event, people could order the garment of their choice, and it was sent to their homes. Those Live events have been so popular that they continue every Friday at 9 am.

Inventory at the store is constantly changing. There are new arrivals weekly. You can shop for tops, denim, jackets, basics, bottoms, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and more. You can also purchase a gift card for that special someone.

One common myth is that a boutique automatically assumes a higher price point. That is not the case, stop in and see Ry today and browse the great selection of inventory.

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