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Lake Superior Medical Equipment - We Are Here For You When You Need Us!

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Lake Superior Medical Equipment has been operating in the Twin Ports since 2002 and has had its Duluth office and Stanley Avenue location in Cloquet for the past eight years. Tom Jameson has been the owner since 2015.  Lake Superior Medical rents and sells equipment and supplies such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, scooters, CPAP and set-up, diabetic shoes, and safety equipment. In September 2022, the Duluth Lake Superior Medical Equipment building burned, and all employees were relocated to the Cloquet office while navigating the shutdown of the Duluth office.

They service families, clinics, hospitals, case workers, and patients. Their office has constant customers, and the phones are ringing.

“People don’t know about us until they need us, and when they need us, we will be here to help and navigate their medical insurance,” shared Maddi Ellis

Ellis has worked for Lake Superior Medical for the past six and a half years. Maddi lives in Cloquet and relocated from the Twin Cities after high school to be near family up north in this area.

She has found that medical insurance reimbursement rates and those negotiations have been the most challenging aspect of the job in light of customer needs.


They are a great medical equipment supplier when you need them. Check them out in their Cloquet and Duluth locations!

907 Stanley Ave. 

Cloquet, MN 55720

Website:  Click Here

Facebook: Click Here

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