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Hearing Life - Hearing You Can Count On

Life-changing hearing care starts at Hearing Life, located at 4-13th Street in Cloquet. Pam and Jamie are passionate about helping people hear and have a better quality of life. Jamie is a third-generation hearing specialist who carries on her passion for assisting people in hearing, which started with her grandma and was carried on by her father, who still has a store in Duluth. Pam is the glue that holds the Cloquet store together and greets you for appointments, helping you with replacement batteries or product questions and services.

Since hearing loss occurs gradually, it may be difficult to notice when your hearing begins to decline. In many cases, friends and family may detect it before you do. There are six early signs of hearing loss:

  • Difficulty following conversations.

  • Phone conversations are unclear

  • People start mumbling, and you ask people to repeat themselves

  • Difficulty locating sounds

  • Signs of tinnitus

  • Turning up the TV too loud.

Hearing aids come in many different types of brands and models, and innovations. A few things you should consider with a hearing device are rechargeable or replaceable battery, Bluetooth connectivity, style, color, and size.

Some people put off hearing tests or solutions for fear of the costs associated with hearing aids. Pam and Jamie can help you navigate your options of managed care plans, discounts, Care Credit of 18-24 months of interest-free payments, and other special promotions.

Hearing Life is a worldwide company, so if you are a snowbird or are frequently traveling, you can stop by any location nationally for batteries or help with your device.

New Year - New You. Schedule a hearing assessment today, try a hearing device risk-free for a trial period, and experience firsthand what you might be missing. Pam and Jamie are ready to help you enjoy life-changing hearing care and provide quality aftercare services.

Hearing Life

4 - 13th Street

Cloquet MN 55720

(218) 655-8072

Website: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here

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